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Kuro at the Nursery Finals

DeltaBluez Tess

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I'll have to post them tomorrow - getting them loaded and labeled before I lost track of who was who took a while.


Paula: who is your trainer? I didn't manage to get photos of everyone but if anyone would like to see photos of someone in particular's run from Sunday I'll try to put some up - if I have any, that is!


All I can say is that: it was hot; the sheep apparently had been pastured near the exhaust so there was a STRONG draw to the left (as the humans faced the field, that is) and a lot of dogs had trouble making the fetch gate and especially the second drive panel because the sheep felt they were Heading Home. I have to say that the dogs and their handlers were truly inspiring.


Sorry I won't be able to make it during the week; I'm very grateful to Heather for her commentary.

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Alchemist, my trainer is Angie McCrann. She and Mollie DQ'd, unfortunately. Sounded like the draw to the exhaust got them, too. Just in case you got any pics of them. :D


Sounds like Robin had a beautiful run started, I'm sorry it didn't go better. :rolleyes:


Diane, congrats to Kuro!


I'm going to go check out today's running order, even though I'm supposed to be working.

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Paula, I'm so sorry I didn't get any shots of Angie's run! I'd have taken some if I'd known. It started off very well, but I think I heard Mollie was showing signs of the heat, which was why she retired her.


Bill did indeed do extremely well. He had a lovely fetch and was one of the few dogs to get all three gates. The area near the exhaust was, indeed, a huge draw. A lot of dogs had trouble making the fetch gate and with the second drive gate, as the sheep REALLY wanted to head in that direction. Unfortunately in Bill's case, his group really got the bit in their teeth (so to speak) after the second drive gate and wouldn't listen to reason. I'll look for Bill to do well in the Open runs this week.


I should have my photos uploaded soon (though I should be working - oh, well, I'll get to that tonight!).

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