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I need help getting my 3 year old started in Agility


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I have a 3 year old BC which I would like to start training in agility. I have looked around a little, but have not had much luck finding a club that will allow us to join. We think he is purebred, but since he was a rescue we don't know for sure. He loves to work at anything we can give him. Also he is my husband's dog, but has bonded mostly to me. He wants to get started in something the two of them can do together to bond.


Does anyone know where to look to find a good club in my area that will allow mix breeds to join? Any suggestions would help.


BTW You have been so helpful to me and I love hearing all the great stories!

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You'll have more luck posting this on the Obedience and Agility Forum. This one is for sheepdog training.


You could try a Google search for the various agility groups - ADAC, USDAA, AKC Agility etc. Each of those should give you a list of clubs in various localities. In the meantime, keep working on the dog's basic obedience, so that you can have good control over him.

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