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Over the past week or so, I've noticed that Whisper is showing her age. Her face is almost completely white now, instead of solid black. I don't notice so much looking at her because it's been so gradual, but when I look at older pictures of her, I'm stunned to see the difference.


With the weather beginning to change, I've also noted that she is less likely to want to go outside. She likes her soft couch. She is still more than happy to go for a walk, but we can't go as far before she is tired. I pick blackberries, and this is the first year she didn't follow me into the brush to investigate new smells. She was content to sit on the path and wait for me to show back up. She does not wander off at all anymore, as she was prone to do if I slowed down or stopped. She will investiage nearby smells, but prefers to stay on the path.


When she is tired, or if it rains, I notice her limping. At first I thought she had got hurt somehow, so I eaxmined the paw closely, put pressure on it in various locations, all without complaints (except for when I decided her toenails REALLY needed trimming and trimmed them--she hates toenail traimming). I waited a day or so, ready to charge to the vet if it did not improve, but the limp went away. This is the same leg she got punctured in a dog fight (she will take on anything, usually to her detriment. I took her in for stitches after this one fight, and the vet, though noting no serious puncture, put her in a soft cast to prevent stress on the leg. And then told me to keep her quiet.), so I'm thinking it's probably arthritis.


I'm guessing her age to be about 15, though you can probably add or subtract 5 years either way. She's a rescue and no one knew her true age. Other than her limp (and the hot spots that appear from time to time) she had no health issues, so I've been lucky that way.


Anyone else have old dog stories?

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My Ellie is getting up there. She's about 12 now. So far her health is still good.


Ellie's idea of a walk is to go maybe two houses down the street. Then she turns around and heads for home. She waits for her bones to warm up before she chews on them - I keep them in the refigerator and I think the cold may hurt her teeth now.


But she still is a great dog - not the smartest dog in the pack but a real sweetheart.


Seems like just yesterday when I got her at four month's old. I keep wondering when she got old.

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