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Only two weeks until Soldier Hollow Sheepdog Trials!! Hurray! Just checking in to see who will be attending this year.


It's always fun to meet the folks that you only "see" via the internet and I've been fortunate enough to meet several of the great folks from this Board in years past. Western Border Collie Rescue will be having a booth at the event again this year and so I will be up at the venue for 5 days. I'm hopeful that I will actually get to see some of the competition this year, instead of just manning the booth or wrangling dogs (although I believe we will have a litter of 12 puppies rotating through our booth, so puppy wrangling is definitely on the agenda). :rolleyes:


The group will also be heading straight to Meeker from Soldier Hollow so that will be exciting. I can't make the Meeker run, unfortunately, but maybe next year I'll just take the entire week and do both.





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I look forward to seeing you again this year, Deb! I'm going to be in town the whole time, and I'm going to be up there just as much as possible. The big day for Vivian and Billy's wedding is September 11th, so I imagine I'll be busy with some last-minute preparations. I'm excited to get up to Utah!

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...and I'll be there again, too, in my usual visible, but not really communicable, spot. Can't wait!! :rolleyes: It would really be nice to meet folks this time around...


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