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My border collie named buddy wont stop bitting (its just play bitting but sometimes he gets carried away and growls) i've tried everything. time outs to holding his nose.... can someone please tell me how to make him stop.

his age: around 10 weeks old. i think

please help

thank you


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I presume you're not talking about biting in the context of sheep work -- a 10-week-old pup shouldn't be around sheep.


Did you have a chance to observe the litter with its mother, and see what she does when the pups get out of line? She doesn't put them in "time out" -- that's a concept that has no meaning whatsoever to a puppy. She growls at them and makes them stop via physical dominance, and if necessary, pain.


I have found with most of my puppies that all it takes to break this habit is a flick on the nose and a sharp "no!" or "none of that!" whenever the pup starts to bite. And don't excuse any bite -- play bite or not. Don't make a big deal out of it. Continue playing with him, just don't let him bite you.

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I agree with that method...its the only way I could get my pup to stop biting me..I never hit her, but a serious flick on her nose worked wonders, except I also say "NO BITE" pretty loud, and then stop playing for a few seconds.It isn't a one time deal, but every single time it happens, I do the same thing. She hardly ever bites now at 14 weeks old. I think how hard and loud you are depends on how easily scared the pup is.

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