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walking the flank

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Anyone have any hints on how to speed up a dog when flanking, especially from out of a drive position in order to turn the stock?

I don't want to do what comes naturally and shout...he would stop dead then and think I was correctng him for someting he has done, not something he hasn't done, IYSWIM.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Sorry..I should have given you more info.

he is 2 and a bit years old, passed from class 2 to Open after only three trials (takes 2 of a certain standard to do so in France) and has always been sensitive to stock...reading them very well. He has been training on heavier stock and I have a feeling he is not only bored but pragmatic.."if they won't move any faster than that anyway, why bother?"

Trialling season is sarting up here soon and I am getting a bit worried that he won't have the pazazz it takes to flank quickly when necessary ie around gates. I can't find any lighter stock ATM because everyone here has just finished lambing and don't want dogs around the place.

I have tried sshhing him, using a more excited whistle, doubling up on whistle commands...he moves more quickly closer to me (say 50 yards) but slows up again any further away. It may be just a question of practice and experience...just wondered what you all thought.


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