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Well, I finally got my drivers license and this WILL BE the year I start training my Border Collie Greg on sheep. I have been slowing putting things together so I can get started.

First off, I found a good friend who will sell my some sheep for cheap and let me use her field...and she lives only 5 miles away so I could train often! (This won't be effective till May though)

I will not work Greg with these sheep though until I have an idea what I am doing!

In the fall of 2001 I got to fly out to Washington with Greg and travel all over the area to 3 different top trialers in the area.Here I got a start on Greg. He showed alot of drive and style. His parents are from successful trial dogs, so I don't fear his ability to work stock. (Even the trainers I worked with said he had alot of power, and would be a good dog for me to learn with)

Now I have no idea where to really start. I will say that I don't have a ton of money to spend...but am willing to put what I have into training Greg properly.

So for some questions coming from a newbie that wants to get involved...

Where can a find some clinics in Minnesota to enter with Greg? Would this be a good place to start?

Also, do you know any herding trainers south of the twin cities? Should I look into a trainer, and since I'll probably be traveling quite the drive to the trainer...how often would I have to go?

Thank you for any help or advice you give...I can't wait for spring to come around and for me to finally get Greg started on sheep. My dream is to someday trial with him. (he is 2 years old now)


Leah Rider

w/ Greg in southern MN

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Let me be the first to say "Congratulations"!!! How exciting!! And how awesome to fly out with Greg to Washington to get started with herding!


This is the site for the Wisconsin Working Stockdog Association. http://www.wwsda.org


They are good club to belong to (Minnesota doesn't have one) and they put on a few trials and clinics. Last year they had two fun trials which I'm hoping they'll have again this year since they were a great place to get some experience for both handler and dog.


There is also a really wonderful trial in Jordan, MN during the Scott County fair and it is the end of July. Even if you aren't ready to trial, it would be a great opportunity to gain some experience with trials by helping volunteering to help at the trial. I would recommend doing that.


Bill Gary (who posts to these boards) also has a nice trial in the fall which he has already posted the dates for. You and your dog Greg might be ready for that one maybe this year. Plus again, you can help out at the trial and I know Bill would love to have all the help he can get...and some "crazy" people like myself have a blast working the trials.


Feel free to email if I can be of any help.


Donna May

Minneapolis, MN



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