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  1. Hi Bill! I'd love to be able to help out at any trial however I can! I'll admit I'm pretty new to everything...just getting started so to speak, but I'd really like to help out in some way. Just let me know when and what and I'll get myself there. As far as Novice trials...they sound like alot of fun! I don't know if my dog will be trained enough to enter, but to just go and watch/help would be an experiance in itself! Keep in touch, Leah Rider w/ Greg in MN [This message has been edited by Leah (edited 01-17-2003).]
  2. Well, I finally got my drivers license and this WILL BE the year I start training my Border Collie Greg on sheep. I have been slowing putting things together so I can get started. First off, I found a good friend who will sell my some sheep for cheap and let me use her field...and she lives only 5 miles away so I could train often! (This won't be effective till May though) I will not work Greg with these sheep though until I have an idea what I am doing! In the fall of 2001 I got to fly out to Washington with Greg and travel all over the area to 3 different top trialers in the area.Here
  3. Hey Gale, thanks for the correction...I realized my mistake when thinking about the thread earlier today. Leah
  4. Sorry, I forgot you last Q. I would suggest leaving them at the standard, my dog finds it harder weaving though poles spread out, because its harder to keep track of which way to weave. Leah PS The neat thing about the weave poles is you can train them any where...just teach you dog to weave though your legs while you walk...it sure can amaze guests!
  5. Hi, I suppose the adding a pole each time would work well...I started out with six. As for the length apart, they should be 1 foot according to the USDAA. Leah
  6. Hi, they are called the weave poles, or weaving. To train my dog I started out by getting some treats and a leash, and guiding the dog though the poles with them. Do this over and over till the dog is doing it easily, and knows whats going on. Then, TaDa, a master weaving. Allways stress for correctness though, if you dog misses a pole, MAKE him go back and do it. Then you can work on speed. GOOD LUCK Leah
  7. HI Deb, great seeing some more pics of your dogs...boy do I hope to meet them some day! Leah
  8. Hi, this last summer I build a complete agility course to the standards of the USDAA. Unfortunatly I made every thing but the weave poles out of wood, makeing it soo heavy and hard to move. I was wondering if any of you know of any plans for light equipment such as jumps and contacts.If so that would be great! Thanks Leah
  9. Hi, I have recently started my dog on canine freestlye ( kind of obedience put to music) and have done well untill it came to teaching Jake, my dog, to heel on my right side, and walk backwards still heeling when I back up. I would love any helpful tips you have for me! It would also be nice of any of you to give me suggestion on what the right side heeling's command should be. Thanks so much, your help will be appreciated and hopefully used! Leah Rider
  10. Hi, I have been considering getting a BC for some time now but have decided to wait until I get my current dog trained in agility, a sport I really enjoy. I have all the basic agility equipment in my back yard (regulation style) but have not been able to find any agility class near me to enter my dog in. I live in Gibbon, MN (thats near New Ulm) Any resposes would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Leah
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