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Hi everyone and Happy New Year!


Well, I've got a question for all of you. My youngest son, Brady, who is 6, has shown quite a bit of desire in working dogs. He goes out with me quite often and works some of the young dogs I have. He also worked a young dog I had during most of the summer and ran her in a trial this fall where he held his own. This has been going on for quite some time now and has been okay but he really wants to get into trialing more now and it's evident that he needs a more solid dog for that.


So, I've put the word out around here and was hoping it wasn't out of line to do it here as well. We're looking for a dog that is obviously good with kids, very solid and is looking for a place to be able to work a little and be the center of a kids world! If any of you have any ideas or contacts for me, I'd sure appreciate it!




P.S. - Brady will be trialing on sheep mostly but seems to thrive on moving the bum calves around the most! :rolleyes:

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