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Jack is picking on the cat...

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We had to take the cat to get her groomed since she was losing her winter coat and since she is so furry she was getting mats... Well the groomer shaved her and now she looks like a naked squirrel and Jack will not leave her alone. How do I get Jack to recognize that it is his kitty Leela and not a play toy? He will not leave her alone and is very curious about her I caught him this morning sitting on her with this look on his face like "hey mom I caught this thing what is it." I know that she smells pretty and he probably can't recognize her sent with all of the soap and stuff they spray on them at the groomer so I gave her a short bath last night to try to remove the scents that they sprayed on her and that did not work. We have been correcting him when he is doing this to her but it is not working, what do I do?

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Hi there ~


How sharp/demanding have your corrections been? If you're just using your ordinary, "No, Jack, leave it" kind of voice, that may not be enough. I don't doubt the drastic change of scent and appearance in your cat has triggered this hyper-attention, but being as he's a BC, it might take a sharper correction than usual to break his concentration/fixation.


Also, have you tried putting him on a down stay on his bed or blanket, and making him wait a good long spell, while the kitty just hangs out like normal? If he's forbidden to entertain his fixation and gets an extra sharp correction when he does, maybe that will help, until he sorts out that it's still his kitty.


Cheers ~



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