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Dear Doggers,


I am trying to get TV exposure for sheepdogs and sheepdog trials. Animal Planet is the obvious network for such programming. Unfortunately, I've never watched them and can't name a single one of their shows. I need the names of the production companies responsible for their dog programming.


I'd be grateful if those who watch AP wait through the trailers and privately post me the names of the production companies whose shows they enjoy.




Donald McCaig

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Hi, Donald. I don't watch AP, so have no idea to answer your question, but I *do* have a little pet peeve. They are not all "sheepdogs," nor are "sheepdog trials" the only way to show what they do. Many of these dogs work other stock (like cattle or even goats), and so perhaps being a bit more inclusive, stock-wise, as well as work-wise (as in also showing real work), might be more useful if the goal is to "educate" the public about what these wonderful dogs can do. I think if it ("it" being what these dogs do) comes across as more than "just a sport" or a game, it would better serve "our" purposes,


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I'll be glad to check this out for you over the weekend. You might also want to suggest the Discovery Channel and National Geographic (which is where Cesaer Milan's show is aired).


Thanks for all of the enjoyment your books have provided to me.



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Here's what I was able to come up with.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ricochet_(TV_...uction_Company), produces "It's Me or the Dog".


http://www.inbaseline.com/project.aspx?project_id=206226, Powderhouse Production, produces "Dogs 101". Dogs 101 has featured Border Collies used as sheepdogs in the past.


http://www.us.imdb.com/company/co0135664/, Sharp Entertainment, produces "Underdog to Wonderdog".


MPH Entertainment produces the "Dog Whisperer" on National Geographic.


National Geographic Television produces "Dogtown" for the National Georgraphic Channel.


I hope this is helpful to you. :rolleyes:

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