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Meg the Bird dog.

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I have several feeders out for the birds. The local Crows think this is wonderful and descend to massacre the feeders. How they tear them down is a mystery but they manage it ; this means I have to frequently buy sacks of nuts and spend a fortune!! But to the rescue comes Meg who now when she hears me say 'Crows, go' dashes out to scatter them. It is the command to which she responds best. I wonder if I have the original Birder Collie.

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We have bird feeders on our front porch. Our dining room window looks out onto the feeders so we get a nice show during meals. BP (before puppies) when the starlings came, we would tell Ladybug "Bad brid" and she'd pounce on the windowsill, scaring the birds....we don't do it anymore, as if three dogs pounced on the window sill, they'd likely go through the window. :rolleyes:


We used to have a problem with squirrels as well. When one came to the feeder, Ken would let Ladybug out the door and she'd charge down the walk after them as they dashed toward the safety of the pine trees on the other side of the driveway. One morning he let her go charging out and she and the squirrel had the predictable reactions, only she was so fast that she was actually ahead of the squirrel and he was right behind her, dashing after her toward the pine trees. Suddenly they both put on the brakes, did one of those cartoony twirl arounds so they were in the right order and continued on, with the world back in balance. Just one of those moments when you wished you had a video camera.....


PS - Don't underestimate a crow; when I was having problems with the pups chasing birds last summer, I"m sure the crows were deviling them because I'd let the dogs out, and there'd not be one in sight and all of a sudden it was like the movie "The Birds" -- they were all over the place and the pups were chasing them, barking all over the place. The pups would sit with their backs to each other like anti-aircraft gunners, scanning the skies. It took quite a bit of work to get them to stop focusing on the crows, and they're not 100% yet, Buying that big red jolly ball helped....they go after that a great deal now.



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Crows and geese are Kit's favorites (probably because she's never had the chance to work any real stock). At the first sign of a flock of crows, she's looking at me waiting for the release. A quick nod and she's off. The outrun is gorgeous. She scatters them with a burst of speed and then circles back to me. The first time she did this, I just about fell over laughing. What's that saying about BC's finding jobs if you don't give them one???


Then again, I strongly suspect that Kit's other half is pointer, so it's not really that surprising that she likes to work birds as if they're stock.

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