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introducing a new dog to the family


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I currently have a Border collie mix. He is only about 30 lbs and is a total dominant dog. I really want to get a German shephard (a 90 lbs GS) but my concern is that they won't get along. Toffee is usually pretty friendly with most dogs as long as they don't try to dominate him. Are there any specific things I should do before introducing a new dog to Toffee?

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You might get better answers in the General forum, as the Training section is mostly dedicated to stockdog training.


I have alot of experience with both breeds, German Shepherds and Border Collies, so I can answer with confidence....it depends.


In general, the German Shepherds as a breed have *alot* of inherent dominance compared to other breeds. Is the 90lb GSD a male or female? Is the GSD young or mature? Is the GSD also dominant?


Having two dominant dogs of the same sex is asking for trouble....especially when there is a huge inbalance of power. Generally pairing a dominant dog up with another dog of the opposite sex is a better combination.


Some GSDs are not so dominant and others down right submissive, but strong dominance is a reoccuring theme with the breed. If you already know you have a dominant dog in the household, you had better introduce the dogs first before making a final decision.


Working in GSD rescue, I have had the misfortune of hearing numerous stories about fights between GSDs and smaller *dominant* dogs (usually small terriers) and the end result is tragic. A GSD will only be pushed so far before taking care of the problem.



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