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I survived my first trial!


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Thanks to everyone for your advice on my first trial.


We went and managed to place 2nd in Novice. Beat by a man with obedience trained dogs that knew their left from right and would take his commands with no regard to the sheep. I must admit that he reads his sheep very well.


Carlie cut in at the top which is unusual but did a pretty good job all in all. We even made the pen, after I let the sheep get by me and she had to get them back before they circled the pen (good girl) and bring them back to put them in for me. I am grateful that she knows so much more than me!


My future trial dog pup is now 3 weeks old. He is coming home with me when he is 8 weeks. I think the breeder is bringing him with her when she comes to the finals since I live right there and can come get him.


Anyway, thanks again. Here is another Novice handler with Open dreams!



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May I be one of the first to say CONGRATULATIONS to you and your dog!!!!!


Word of advice though?don?t sell yourself short by saying ?we managed to place 2nd in Novice??..you got second because you and your dog got the points to earn you that spot. That is great that you placed. I was so excited the first time I got points and didn?t have to retire a dog.


Good luck to you at your future trials and with your newest addition!


From another Novice handler with Open dreams as well,


Donna, Moss & Fern

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