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Hi Inci


A good friend of mine told me to stop working so hard and get back on the boards.


I'm living in Melbourne, southwest of London, Ontario. I'm just now starting to claim some time back from my employer after a steep learning curve in my first year of work.


I've started working with a friend who has a farm North West of here and who has some pretty stubborn sheep which is good practice for the dogs.


All four of my dogs are now working and I hope to hit all the trials within driving distance this year. We also have quite a few more sheep since we move the pregnant ewes with us and their lambs are all weaned now.


My original offer to turn North at the end of your driveway and come and work some dogs still stands but now it won't take you four days to get here.


Take care,



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Good to hear that you are gainfully employed,healthy,perhaps wealthy by now.


Sorry about the name,I knew it spelled with K not C but that old timers caught me off guard.


We may yet come for a visit but doubt it will be until the temperatures hits over 100's in the lower portions of the Continent.


Take care and thanks trailrider.



Inci Willard




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