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Border Collie Training Leash! Thanks Dawn!

Margaret M Wheeler

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Yesterday, I got a lovely gift that came all the way across the country from the state of Washington. So, I just want to thank Dawn Bailey for her thoughtful gift and recommend it to all of you with young border collies in training. Mine is a lovely pink, but I'm sure that those of you who like a more understated color could easily find something that suits you, especially if you bale with twine.


For proof of the effectiveness of this fine piece equipment, look to Glynn Jones'"A Way of Life."


On p. 29 you can see Mr. Jones demonstrating the usefulness of the border collie training leash on his pup Mirk. ( i don't think his is pink though!)


Thanks again Dawn! Your generosity shall not go unrewarded. biggrin.gif




retired terrierwoman, border collie newbie





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