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Hi All,


As some of you may know, Cathie Balliu had surgery last week and is now at home recovering. One of the results of the surgery is that she will be unable to give lessons for awhile. This has put a lot of pressure on her and Bill because it removes an important source of income for them.


To give them some assistance, Bob and I have decided to hold a benefit fun trial at our place on Sunday, March 21. This will be run as a regular field trial, with Novice, Pro Novice, and Open classes. The cost will be $20 a dog for all classes. There will be no payback or sheep charge; all proceeds will go to Cathie and Bill. Larry Adams will judge.


The trial will begin at 9am with the Novice class, followed by Pro Novice and Open. The Novice class will run in the field to the south of our driveway; the other classes will use the large open field. We will break for lunch around noon with a potluck. Bob and I will make a soup and provide drinks. Bring a dish to share.


Because time is short, we ask that you call or email us to let us know if you plan to come and which dogs you are bringing. Please also print out the attached application and bring it and the entry fee with you to the trial. If you cannot come but would like to make a donation to Cathie and Bill, we are also accepting "ghost entries." Just fill out an application with your name and send it and your contribution to us. That way we can make sure that everyone's contribution is acknowledged.


Contact Irene and Bob Stoller for info irenestoller@aol.com or robert.stoller@colorado.edu



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