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  1. Hello Sheepdog people, The finals entries are rolling in, the dog sponsors are as well, Don't be left behind in sponsoring your favorite team. Go to the finals web page www.sheppdogfinals.com and sponsor the team of your choice today. thanks in advance from the 2014 Carbondale Finals committee
  2. Entries are starting to roll in, Lets support this years Dog/Handler team as well as the Finals Event. www.sheepdogfinals.com
  3. The 2014 National Sheep dog finals are in full swing, The Fields have been chosen , the fundraising is in full swing. It is now time for you to support your Favorite Handler/Dog team. It will be $100.00 per team, We will be running this as last year, in that you may get as many sponsors for your team, OR you may sponsor as many teams as you wish. the team with the most Sponsors will receive , either a Event Jacket or a Local weekend Cabin Giveaway. You can either email me(nancy8113@msn.com) or go to www.sheepdogfinals.com and look for the sponsorship page, on the right hand side will be the link for the dog sponsor form. thanks and PLEASE share, this is your way to help make sure we have a great event.. Nancy
  4. Wasnt you for sure Robin, id mever seen this gal
  5. Yeah sue thats what i wanted to do make a scene clear across the country, after i posted this she let up on the abuse so not sure she saw this, got a heart or what! Gloria , im afraid she could probubly have eaten me!
  6. I have no idea who the women was, not being from the east I had never seen her , but yes she was under the handlers tent, i have to say I have never seen a Border collie handler with a choke chain on a dog, Ive seen BORDER owners with them , but this pup really was doing what it could to please her, shame shame on that person!
  7. Then to watch her kick at it as she is pulling on it with the choke chain and its cowering from her, what a horrible sight, hope she doesnt consider herself a handler or at all knowledgeable in dog behavior!
  8. Ive been at the National Finals and noticed several different ways of managing young dogs under the tent. One woman had a puppy, 3 mos old or so, on a choke chain and just kept yanking on it even though the pup was doing lots of appeasement behavior (and not otherwise being bad that i could see). Not sure what the best strategy would be--ignore? Say something? It's just so hard to see puppies treated that way. What would you do?
  9. At the Klamath Finals, Dr Neff was asked if ABCA money was needed , He said that they had gotten a HUGE grant and that no money was needed from ABCA. Nancy
  10. A friend of Mine Passed away and I have a Key Dog Vol 1 for sale for his widow, It has come undone from its bind but is complete, $125.00 Nancy Nancy8113@msn.com
  11. 32485 County Road 55 Gill, CO 80624 This is the full address for Nancy Culbreath
  12. Pam Have you run in a OPEN class? Or just level and what venue have you reached? I appriciate the goal of OPEN , but there are steps not only people and dogs have to take to get there , and running in the lower classes helps people gauge the level they are at. I think the OP was asking the question as to when she will know if she is ready for that level , not to be told by you to JUST TRAIN FOR OPEN. Nancy
  13. You have gotten GREAT advise here, I think pups should stay at least 8 weeks, and Here in Colorado it is a state law that no pups under 8 weeks can be sold! enjoy your new puppy, Nancy Colorado
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