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Munro's lead walking problems

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Munro has some walking on the lead issues, pulling, yelping towards other dogs and he gets a little bit growly as well if another dog comes abit close. He has been this way since he was a puppy and we used to take him to puppy school, he was so bad with barking, yelping and pulling at the puppy school that we were made to sit outside the group.


We have tried different leads & collars, walking different routes, stopping when he pulls etc. We even had a Police Dog trainer try and help us fix the problem with no results. Amanda used to walk him and she isn't very strong so he would over power her all the time.


I tried shortening the lead so he couldn't go anywhere but beside me and when he behaved i would let it go a little longer, we have tried treats with little results.


But if we drive down to the beach here and let him off the lead he is happy as larry, a completely different dog.


Around Children he is perfect, happy to sit there and take all the pokes and pulls of his fur etc.


Other than the lead issues he is a Great dog and i would REALLY like to walk him on the lead Happily, for both of our sakes.


Any ideas?.. I have done a search on the site but alot of it we have already tried.





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We have tried chain leads, nylon leads, retractable leads & Rope Leads. We have also tried a check collar, nylon collar, leather collar, harness and a Head Halti. Control Unleashed? I take it the dog is able to walk free from a lead, Legally we must have our dogs on the lead at all times in Australia while outside a fenced yard. Unless it is a dog offleash area such as some parts of the beach and some parks.

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Control Unleashed is a training program (a book and a DVD of a seminar), aimed to get dogs, especially those that have a focus problems, in better control, it is a lot of different games and counter conditioning protocols you teach your dog. http://www.dogwise.com/search.cfm


But back to the problem at hand. I have a puller, she walks and heels beautifully off lead when we are training but put a leash on her and you think you were hooking her up to pull a sled. Nothing I have tried on a flat collar has worked.


I use a halti and honestly unless the dog refuses to actually wear the halti (which I can understand) I cannot imagine dog being able to pull with one, can you explain how the head halter didn't work?


Which type of anti-pull harness did you try? I have tried a few and I like the "Easy Walk harness" with the clip on the chest of the dog. The one Echoica put the link to

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