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Quick Background - We got Flash from the shelter two years ago, and he's about three years old, neutered, and had his physical/shots, etc., at the vet not too long ago. In the last few weeks, he's changed a lot, and I'm very concerned. I do have a call into my vet, but thought maybe I could get some opinions here.


Flash suddenly became afraid of thunder, never afraid before in the two years I've had him. He also suddenly started jumping out of our fence when he's out with our other dogs. He always runs to the same neighbor at the end of the street, which could be a fluke because the guy is out a lot. He has two dogs, and calls us when Flash shows up. I now put all the dogs out, and bring Flash back in when he's done doing business. The other guys will hang outside for a while if I allow them.


Flash also seems very stressed and needy. He's attached to my hip, it seems, and licks me incessantly if I let him, which I do not.


He's eating ok, plays like a maniac every night when I take him out, loves to ride in the car. We have a huge play time every evening and he plays until he's tired. However, inside he seems upset and unhappy, and cowers if anyone even raises their voice. I've always been careful not to handle him roughly, first because there's no reason for that, but also because he's always been a little sensitive.


My shepherd did pick on him a lot when we first got him, but for the most part they worked things out (after two rounds of stitches in the shepherd from border collie teeth). They each get their own playtime so they have individual attention, and I try to keep Flash's mind occupied by doing different things with him each night. Mr. Shepherd does get rough sometimes with him, but I stop it immediately and don't allow any agression between the two of them.


Sorry this is so long, but I'd really appreciate any suggestions you might have for me. As I said, I'm awaiting a call from the vet, and will most likely be taking him in to see them.


Thanks in advance for any thoughts. I hate to see my guy so stressed. He's a wonderful dog, and I want him to be happy.



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With all the violent thunderstorms we've been having in PA this summer it would be no wonder Flash has developed a fear of them (dang storms! :mad: ). I don't think he's alone in that around here.


Perhaps he was inside during an especially bad storm, became extremely frightened and now he generalizes that fear to being inside. It could explain his uneasiness inside the house and maybe why he cowers at loud voices. It sounds like he's become extremely sound sensitive.


That doesn't explain why he jumps the fence, though. Is he outside with the shepherd? If so, perhaps originally the shepherd bullied him so he jumped the fence to avoid the shepherd and found new friends down the street. Now when let out, he just takes off to visit his friends.


All this is wild speculation on my part :rolleyes:


Good luck!

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I would have the vet do a thorough exam on him, including doing a thyroid test. It's a little early for most problems to show up, but Dr. Jean Dodds has had some success evaluating and treating very borderline thyroid problems which only show up as behavioral symptoms.


You can contact her directly or through Hemopet They are very nice and their services are thorough and professional.

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Thanks for the ideas. I'll definitely discuss the thyroid when the vet calls. I did a little net surfing and found some of the symptoms to be quite like his. And it's possible that the shep was being a little rough - the kids tend to forget about the guys during the day and don't watch closely enough.


Thanks again!! Keeping my fingers crossed that we can resolve this for my guy.

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