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Today was almost sunny :rolleyes: We got about six inches of snow last night...I took Robin over to the farm to run in the field behind the old horse barn and as I was watching Robin literally run circles around me, I said to myself, I wonder where that old woodchuck hole is. (it's been there since I was a kid!) ...well, I found it just about then. My left leg with the artificial knee went straight down in the hole all the way to my knee and I landed with my right knee underneath me...I was pretty well stuck, but I called Robin (that whistle really works by the way!) and he was able to give me just enough leverage that I got out of the mess. Geez! My poor right knee is the one that I fell on last Sunday chasing Robin who was chasing chickens, but at least he redeemed himself today! It's the first jam he's gotten me out of, but it likely won't be the last :D.


Once we'd got straightened around from that mess, we went to the nursing home and visited all around - except my mother--in-law -- she prefers Brodie Says she doesn't like red dogs. Her loss. Robin was so sweet with everyone and he cuddled right up to an elderly lady who has Alzheimer's - the breeder's husband has Alzheimer's as well...I don't know if dogs can tell or he was just attracted to her kindness, but at any rate, they became very good friends. She said she had a dog like him when she was young. I think MiL was a little jealous. Oh well...



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