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Hello and a query


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Hello all,


I am new poster, old lurker. I am an old "dogger" but a new "herder". Let me clarify that statement. I have always been about dogs, my main background is in hunting dogs and retrievers, most specifically Plott hounds, Fiests and Labs. I have moved into the herding breeds as I have found those breeds to be more my temperament and liking. I am a firm believer in having dogs for work and not for show. So all dogs I have acquired (other than rescues) have been from breeders for purpose rather than conformation.


So as I travel further into the herding breeds I find myself drawn to 2 specific breeds, the OES and the BC. I would love to be able to train my BC for herding, my problem I have atm is finding regional "support". I wanted to train my OES, but to be honest the OES support is severely lacking and most OES clubs focus on AKC conformation rather than the purpose of the breed, and considering OES is a drover I am unsure as to whether the same type of training is suitable.


Most lists, addresses, etc I find posted online are rather out of date. Every email I have sent out to individuals in my area have bounced back. So I was wondering 2 things really:


1- For Central Arkansas, are there any trainers, if not who would be my closest contact?

2- Is there any way we could possibly gather all contact info up and keep it current, then post it somewhere so new folks coming in will have it readily available and won't be asking every other post? =)




I would really like to get more involved and I am a quick learner, just nervous about stepping out of my "comfort" zone. So any help or info on who I should be contacting in my area would be greatly appreciated.



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Where in Central AR are you located?

There are 2 clubs in AR. Both closer to the western side but still accessable.

I have a great friend who lives near Ft. Smith and one near Little Rock. THey both have sheep, not trainers but might be albe to hook you up.


Central AR Stockdog club

and crap can't think of the other one.

PM me and I'll give you some names.

There is a club that works close to AR:

Show Me Stock dog league, they have a web site

And there's an OK stock dog club, I think they have a website.

There are lots of members who live all over so don't let distance scare you off.


I'm so glad you've decided to work with your border collie. It'll be a much easier ride.

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Welcome. I found this information for Gary Westbrook, but I don't know how current it is. I don't know if Gary gives lessons, but he should be able to point you in the direction of someone who does. Someone else may have his contact info as well:


The Central Arkansas Stockdog Assn.

Gary Westbrook, email: garwes@flash.net



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