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What do you feel is the right age to switch a BC puppy over to adult food and why ?

And while we are at it , what foods do you find best , this includes everything from raw to organic foods. And , once switched over to adult foods , when would you start puppy on supplements ?



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This topic has been covered a bunch. For food recommendations, do a search on "food" or similar here and in the H&G section and you'll find lots of threads. You'll find as many opinions as there are members of this forum, but I think it's safe to say that most would say stay away from foods you can buy in a grocery store, buy the best food you can afford (check of the dog food project--Google it--for good information on how to tell what's good and what's not) or feed raw. If you choose the latter it's best to educate yourself on feeding so that your dog gets a balanced diet.


As for age, you can switch any time. Many of us never even put pups on puppy food, but instead use an all-life-stages adult food. The reason for this is to prevent rapid growth and roly polyness, which likely contribute to skeletal/joint problems.


I don't know exactly when I started my pup on fish oil and vit E supplements, but probably around 5 months. No scientific evidence for that age--that's just when I got around to it.



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