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Love and Loyalty

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She gazes into my eyes

A Deep dark soul

With a glint of gold

Touching my heart


Many years has gone by

Standing at the post

Running as one

She covers for me


Many trials we have gone

She who takes my hand

And holds it while she

Makes me look so good


Her gentle wag of her tail

Lets me know she sees the sheep

And I should keep my mouth shut

While she brings them to my feet


Her lines are straight

The shed so clean and fast

The pen she walks them in

And waits for me to shut the gate


Many years she has carried me

And victories was ours

And I cried tears of joy

As she did me proud


Now in her older years

She no longer runs

Only in her dreams

She wins yet once again


Now she has taken on a new role

Once again, she takes care of me

As I heal from my wounds

She takes care of me again


She is a nurturing dog

On and off the field

She was sent to me

To learn to live and love


I look at her now next to me

And know in my heart

How greatly I am blessed

To have a dog such as she


Tess, who has taught me much

On the field and off the field

That life is to live and love

And laughter is good for the soul


She is my keeper

She is my friend

But mostly of all,

She is the love of my life.


diane pagel 2010

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