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Potty Training Question

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I need help. My 11 week old bc is fairly potty trained, but I don't know how to stop the accidents that she's having.


Pretty much the only time she has an accident now is when she gets busy playing. She gets so busy playing with our older BC that she won't stop to go outside and pees in the middle of playing. It's like my kids did when they little sometimes, but I don't know what to do for her. We usually say "no" firmly, say "outside, " pick her up and put her outside and tell her to "go potty," and leave her outside for several minutes, but I'm not sure she's getting it.


Any thoughts/suggestions?

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Welcome to the boards!


At 11wks old it is your job to get her outside BEFORE she has an accident. The second that play stops (or even during if you think it has a been too long since the last potty break) you need to get your puppy outside. Potty training is about maximizing GOOD potty places and minimizing the dogs chances to potty in bad places. Punishment for accidents is really not productive, you want it to be so rewarding to go outside and potty that the dog WANTS to go out there, not be so afraid of peeing around you because of what might happen if they accidently pick the wrong place. At 11wks they are trying to figure out what to do it is the owners responsibility to set the dog up to succeed.


Also wanted to add that at 11wks your puppy should still be under your watch 100% of the time when they are loose, so that means playtime is watched, if you cannot watch the dog it should be tethered to you or in a crate. Potty time outside should be you going out with the dog, with lots of treats, and when the dog goes potty they get lots of praise and treats.


When do we get to see some puppy pictures!

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I agree. It really helps to be the one who takes the pup out before and after ( or during) play times- to avoid them ever getting to pee inside. When Shiloh was that young we only let him out of his area after a pee break- we would play for an hour- pee again- and then to his crate/sectioned off area. If we left the house- he would be in his crate and if we left even the room, he would be in his area.


I guess it sounds strict- but he was potty trained pretty quickly.

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Welcome! This board is a source of a lot of good advice and support. Read, listen, and ask questions!


You've had two, brief, excellent replies. It's a matter of management at this point, which will result in training your pup. I finally realized with my last pup that it wasn't him who was having accidents - it was me who was allowing them to happen.

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