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On almost a year .. just now posting!

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Hi everyone! My name's Ashley and I hail from Virginia. I joined this forum almost a year ago and am just now getting around to posting on here! Life was crazy busy last year with a new puppy and an upcoming college graduation (graduated December 2009!) so now I've got a bit of time on my hands.


I've loved BCs since I can remember. I remember being very young and freaking out when I saw them in the movie Babe. :rolleyes: Books, toys, movies .. if it pertained to BCs, I owned it. I went to herding trials, went out to breeders to visit, and when I went to college I fostered and transported a few dogs for a local border collie rescue. So basically I'm a long time BC lover, but brand new to the actual BC world and a new BC owner.


I've got a 1 year old female black and white BC named Zen. Her breeder "accidentally" bred his dogs again and after keeping his pick from the litter dumped the rest at the BC rescue I had fostered a dog for. I pet sat for Zen's foster mommy and fell in love with her on sight but she had an adoption pending. I couldn't be happier when things fell through and took her home when she turned 9 weeks old. She's been my love bug since. She's a perfect first BC. Her herding drive isn't too high but shes driven when it comes to learning and is super quick on her feet. We are about to start agility training next week and I'm stoked. We've worked on basic obedience in classes, earned her puppy STAR through the AKC, and done agility foundation work and are now ready for the real deal. Wish us luck and I'll be sure to post more about her around the boards!


I also have a male 4 year old whippet/hound mix named Wyatt who my family rescued from the SPCA at 8 weeks of age. He came along with me to college after I had moved away because my parents claimed he was way too depressed without me there. I love him to death even though hes the most accident prone dog you'll ever meet. He's adorable and fell in love with Zen just as hard as I did. They're in seperable.


Nice to meet you all and see you around the boards!

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