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0T-pit bull seizure update

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A judge in the county where the 300+ dogs were seized has ruled that all dogs over 6 months old will be pts. Dogs younger than 6 months will be sold at auction to help recoup the costs of housing the dogs. So far there is no info re the auction but we can only hope that people have to meet certain qualifictions in order to bid so that the dogs will be placed in good homes. The widow of the owner has also been ordered to pay the county for the remainder of the costs incurred in the seizure and housing.

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Evaluating the adult dogs would be a lot wiser than betting on the chance that the pups will turn out to have sound temperaments... but what do I know :rolleyes:


The dogs were mostly Grand Ch. Mayday bred, according to the grapevine. (Don't need to tell you what "5X winner" means... The news scroll on that site is full of "fictional" fight news. Gah, some people are sick @#%!s.)


Wonder how they'll screen people at the pup auction.

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The newest issue is that the judge ordered that the pups sold at auction did not have to be neutered/spayed. However, Texas law requires that any dog out of a shelter must be altered. So the issue is being "researched." Apparently any dogs not sold at the auction will be made available for adoption thru the Humane Society.


Nothing has been said about a screening process for the auction but surely they plan on doing something to make sure they are not just perpetuating the problem which arose in the first place.


I've never owned a pit but I just feel so sorry for them - I know there are pits who have good owners who treat them just like we do our bc's - but it seems like so many of them are just born to be tortured and that's horrible - and doesn't say much for the human species.

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