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Yesterday I posted a response to a topic that has been ongoing for a couple of days. In my response I suggested a particular breeder. As I was typing the post I was having second thoughts. Then a couple of other members questioned whether it was a good practice to call out breeders names because of the controversy that could stem from such. In hindsight I wish I had not posted my response. I am very new to BC's and I probably do not have the knowledge to be _suggesting_ what others might do. It is sad to me how many breeders out there seem to be breeding for color, etc. and ignoring the true nature of the breed. In fact, I chose the breeder that I eventually purchased from based on the fact that he was born on a ranch by working folks. When I drove up to the house the first time I went to see the puppy several of the breeders dogs greeted me. It was clear to me that this was not a puppy mill but a place where the dogs were appreciated for what they were originally intended.


Anyway, please excuse my _new to this forum_ mistake.

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No problem. Besides the fact that I'm not a moderator and it's not my place to make direct accusations, I felt the same thing you mention about your newness here. I appreciate your enthusiasm and eagerness to add to the discussion. Keep it up!

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I personally do not see anything wrong by posting a reference to a paticular breeder as long as it is not a direct attempt to advertize that breeder.After all we freely reference various rescue organizations and personally I like to investigate unknown breeders and draw my own conclusions as to their qualifications.

Had it not been for the direct reference openly of a paticular breeder soon after I discovered these boards by a very respected person it would of been quite possible that I personally would of done more harm then good for the breed.

By open discussion dealing with the pratices of that paticular breeder many of the members of these boards including myself were able to save alot of dogs and curtail what was clearly an unethical breeding pratice.

It was a major eye opener for myself and I believe many others who followed the events as they happened.

I respect your acknowledgment that your intention was not to advertize a paticular breeder.

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