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I am in the middle of toy shopping - I am ordering some gear from a website (Ruffwear harness's for the car) and I am just short of the $200 limit for free postage so thought instead of spending $10 on postage I'd buy the girls a toy of some description and bring it over the $200.


My young BC is ball and frisbee mad. I have just ordered 3 star mark/triple crown foam frisbees for her from a different website. She already has a lot of what they have but I am looking at the Ruff wear toys (specifically the hover craft) but they also stock the west paws fling thing. I have heard that the new ruff wear frisbees aren't as good as the old frisbees when it comes to tugging and lasting.


She is a pretty hard player but I have to be careful of toys that could wear her teeth down (she has already run into issues with slight wear on her canines as she isn't yet 2) so I tend to stick with soft rubber.


Any border collie people got any thoughts?

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Was looking at toys they had on their website which my girls didn't already own :rolleyes:. They also had things like orbees but my girls have those already. I haven't ventured into the Ruff wear domain for toys before so they don't have any of those. And I haven't bought them any of the West Paw stuff either. I am a bit worried that the huck is too hard on teeth so was looking at the frisbees and all they had on the site was the fling thing. Thought the zisc might have been ok but they don't have that on the website where I am ordering from.

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