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Just so happy I had to share with others who understood!


I first came to the board early in the year because my dog was not being good with other dogs. He was territorial over items and anxiously excited on meeting. Happily I've done lots of research, including breed specific help I got from you guys - and his improvement is amazing!


Today he proved himself once and for all. I invited a friend over with her 7mth old boxer cross. He met her twice as a puppy at her house, but we haven't really had other dogs in our house. From what I've picked up over the last few months we decided to walk first, let them run off some energy on meeting and then bring them home. It worked great. When they came home they were still outside but they shared a water bowl. Inside he let her eat from his food dish, play with his toys and sleep on his bed. All afternoon they wrestled and ran outside or hung out inside.


To make a long story short, he loved her and there were ZERO incidents even after several hours together. This isn't the end of training or of me working on his confidence and socialization but he really shone - this is the dog I know and love and to see him be that way with another dog makes my heart swell with pride and love!


As a side note, when the visitor's dog opened the dog gate and ran around the building, Truman came and laid by the door. We asked him "Where's Lucy?" and he ran over to the open gate and looked through it. When I came outside to the gate I said "Get Lucy!" and he ran to the front and brought her back! What a good herding dog :rolleyes:


Thanks to all who gave their encouragment and advice as well as other people's postings - I always get new insights and ideas to try!

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Good boy Truman! It's always a great feeling when they show you how far they have come. Great work with him too.

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