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  1. I couldn't see the facebook picture but I liked the link to Queen Victoria's collies - especially as they have less characteristic markings. In fact the first one (Sharp) had similar markings to Truman which makes me happy
  2. A coincidence today - we ran into two Springers on our walk (not even together) which is rare enough. I actually DID think the black and white one was a bc from a distance. I can't say either really 'clicked' well with Truman play-wise. They both seemed to like close proximity chasing rather than straight line or large figure eight running that Truman prefers. The one he played longest with also kept getting distracted and standing still while Truman awkwardly climbed on top and tried to mount his face Also, Truman's BEST mates are JRT's - two females owned by different people that he just bonded well with. Along with JRTs he has a preference for boxer or pitbull mixes. The only reason I can figure is that these dogs are quick and tough for their size which tends to be the same or smaller than Truman. If a pitbull is too solid to run they seem to brace for a head on collision while Truman vaults over them - very funny. Bigger, heavier dogs seem to make him slightly nervous, but then he had some rough play with some Newfie crosses and maybe he remembers what it's like to be flattened by an over-eager playmate that outweighs you by nearly 50lbs! My first dog was an English Springer Spaniel and he was a real sweetie, but he seemed more Lab-like in temperment than my bc's. VERY friendly and excitable!
  3. So sorry you don't have good news yet. I am also frequently checking the thread for positive news. My heart goes out to you!
  4. Sweetness I've seen Truman do that to his little 2 year old friend (human). If she accidently steps on him when he doesn't see her he may bark or startle her by a quick turn and grumble but when he sees who it is he comes up for *kisses* as if to apologize. We should be so quick to apologize for being snappy!
  5. More along these lines, but I was told once that my bc requires 3 solid hours of exercise every day and that his over excitement was due to lack of exercise. It was implied that an aggressive behavior stemmed from lack of proper exercise even though the bad event happened while he was staying with the dog walker who was walking him for that long every day. This was from a behaviorist who owned border collies. In fact, our dog's 'over excitement' was actually anxiety that was not controlled while in the care of the dog walker/border. We have several short, intense play sessions and a one hour walk most days and he's as calm and controlled as you'd like. I was likewise told he was pushy, bossy and dominant according to their analysis (which I didn't ask for) - qualities that we have resolved with confidence training, not more exercise. This is the same behaviorist who recommend AGAINST agility sports as they "accentuate the focus" and make the dogs neurotic Do all people make these assumptions about bc's? Or do 'professionals' have a hard time recognizing bc behavior for what it really is? I'm thankful I found this board as it lead me to a more accurate assesment and a much, much happier, content dog! BTW: as for his color, I tell people Truman is a sable and that it is a real bc color. Most people here find that interesting and while he's likely a mix of something else I don't bother to say it as he's built just like the traditionally marked bc's in our area. When we adopted him he was labelled bc/spaniel or sheltie/spaniel cross. What do you think? [
  6. Both my dogs have flipped or pushed dishes when they were empty. Especially the water bowl which makes a loud noise and I think they just figured out the sound meant a new supply of water or a filled dish. Since both dogs were free fed and never took too much I just refill bowls when they're empty. I never heard of the hiding food bit - but it sounds cute . If it's always on the floor though I'd probably just pick up the bowl and put it away everytime they did it as that would be a nusience.
  7. Something about her said 'Skye' to me too.
  8. I love the names Wick and Jinx, but what about Revanta? It's Sanskrit for 'breaker of speed' and could be shortened to 'Rev' or 'Revvy'. I also like 'Star','Flash', 'Fleet' or 'Grace' and for different names what about 'Winter' or 'Fortune'?
  9. I appreciate the feedback - both the breed suggestions as well as the reality checks. As I mentioned, I've both been a cat owner in the past as well as understand that to add another pet to the family (feline or canine) is a commitment. My main reason for thinking about a cat rather than a dog is that I wouldn't have to worry about the impact on neighbors (ie: getting a barker) as well as looking for a potentially easier to handle companion (less behavior issues like jumping up on people, licking or aggression to other animals). I expect that another dog would have a lot of it's own issues to deal with, I rather hoped a cat would be less difficult to bring in, but I may be wrong about that, so we'll just wait and see. My Panda was such a sweet heart that I would have liked another 'him' without a doubt! My kids are in elementary school and are absolutely not an issue with dogs or cats. More effort would be needed to ensure the safety of the cat as the dog learned to respect it and that was my main concern and reason for asking for advice. Perhaps if I'd taken a different approach or chosen a different breed/age/temperment I'd have had different results. Much obliged to all who took the time to answer my questions!
  10. Again - thanks for the helpful advice. I did attempt to control the interactions when we first brought the puppy home. I researched what I could before we brought Truman home. I would allow the cat on my lap or on the couch and keep the dog off to enforce some sort of respect for the cat. I would try to lure Panda out in the mornings to sit with me while the pup stayed on the floor. I also tried petting both of them at the same time to encourage relaxation near each other. We were trying to train Truman to lay down when the cat was around and basically got to the point where he would stay laying down (at least, not pulling if we were holding his collar) while the cat tentatively came out. However, when the cat got nervous and ran away the pup would bark, or, once released, tear off down the hall barking - even if we made him wait a while before releasing. I think this made Panda more and more sure that he would be chased which is why I removed the collar as I thought he'd feel more confident if he could run without little bells going off! A few times he actually allowed Truman to sniff him, the problem was his running away. If he'd had the confidence to stay in place - even with a hiss - Truman could have learned, just as he did in the future with our friend's cats and even my sister's snooty little dog! I don't know much about combining species. I did what I knew and it didn't work. I would love to try again because I am not in a position to get another dog. But honestly, if there's no good way to predict how it will go I probably shouldn't bring more chaos into the home. We already have two girls and a dog - it's probably just hormones making me want more trouble ETA: I should add that I wasn't suggesting a cat is "less of a commitment" as a life, just less training - less walking - less day-to-day care. I find them more self-reliant and self-sufficent than dogs, that's all.
  11. Thanks to everyone for the feedback Thanks for the reminder. Of course, I would only get a cat because I do like cats as well as dogs. I grew up with cats because my parents weren't 'dog people' and got my cat, Panda, when we lived with them and couldn't get a dog. He was a GREAT cat and is sadly missed. He was the kind of cat that actually greeted visitors at the front door and came when called. We had recently moved and gotten the pup and although Panda had recall (I'd call him and hear him climbing through the trees to come through the window in our last place, or see him come through the fields in our new place) AND I had a baby gate up so Panda had exclusive use of the bedrooms and was the only one allowed to sleep with us (no dogs on the bed is still the rule), I guess he just didn't like the new situation (or, of course, worse). I had a collar on him but the jingle of the tags seemed to entice the pup, so after Panda had already stayed out two seperate nights, I removed his collar to help him not be so afraid. That day he strode straight out the door with his head held high and never returned. We put up posters, advertised on CL and enlisted the school kids for help - no luck. I do value cats and don't want to start a debate, but when a cat wants to be outside I cannot stand up to it's demands. If I had one that was happy to stay inside that would suit me fine, but Panda was not ok with that and I couldn't make him. The first 2 weeks after we moved I kept him inside to prevent him from getting lost and he cried all the time. When he was a kitten we kept him in for the first 9 months with several escapes - he'd hide by the door and bolt when it opened, but he'd come back and cry to get in so he wasn't leaving to LEAVE. I really thought he would accept a pup in time because of his outgoing, playful disposition. And honestly I think he would have. My biggest mistake was thinking the puppy would be younger and the cat would have time to lay down the law, but unfortunately Truman was closer to 13 weeks when he arrived and much bigger and more boistrous than we anticipated. The cat never got the nerve to lay down the law. He'd cry at the door when he returned and the pup would bark and Panda would hide or run away for awhile. I was trying to teach him to come to the bedroom window where he didn't have to worry about the dog, I just didn't convince him in time. Hope that clarifies my situation - and of course, I DO prefer walks vs. litter boxes, but my DH has absolutely forbade another dog. The fact that he loves this one is a big accomplishment as he was raised with dogs as outside only animals, not indoor pets. ETA: We had Panda both neutered AND tattooed. Unfortunately the tattoo did not bring him back to us
  12. In an effort to quench my desire for another dog I am wondering about getting a cat (less time consuming commitment We had one when we first got our puppy but he decided not to stick around. If we consider getting another would you recommend an adult, already good with dogs, or a kitten that can learn? If getting a kitten, should we look for specific signs that it will interact well with our dog? Our dog does not live with a cat, but has been exposed to them and taught not to chase in the house, as well as to greet by laying down first, but will still bark at a running cat outside. I've shown him kittens at the vet and they claw at his face and he happily lets them, so I think he's a good candidate, I just want it to go smoothly - awaiting my DH approval The other thing is that I'd like the cat to be a companion for when he's alone, so preferably an out-going, playful cat. What are your good, or bad, experiences and what would you recommend or warn against?
  13. I don't know if this is helpful, but Truman has all black nails and I cut his nails with him laying on his back so I can see the quick from underneath. A friend used a Dremel I think - if that's the rotating, filing-type - and he didn't like the sensation or the noise, but he will put up with it from her. She also recommended the sissor style clippers rather than the squeeze style if that makes sense. And she said to cut them straight up and down, not fllush to the floor as I had heard. She said if I cut more frequently, and close to the quick, the quick will recede.
  14. Very cute picture! Truman does this a lot too. I see it as a request for attention or permission to get on the couch or bed. I usually give in, but when he starts head bumping my elbow when I'm on the computer or eating I tell him to stop and leave me alone. I think it's a sweet thing - a polite communication. Strangely, when he puts his head on the couch or bed and looks AWAY rather than at me, it seems to be a way of saying "poor me, I'm so bored" and a request that I get up and play or take him outside since when I invite him up those times he's reluctant and heaves a huge sigh of disappointment .
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