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This is on the same topic as howling but I didn't want to take away from the OP... so

Pete has some sort of hunting dog instinct. and it drives me batty!! I want to either break him of this behaivor or train around it to sort of muffle it.

he likes to "tree" cats and other small animals. he will spot



and bay LOUDLY!

when in an apartment.. not so good when I'm on the phone... not so good!!! when I am trying to walk them... NOT SO GOOD!

Its cute and I think that if trained right, he would be great for a hunting dog or to flush something. I don't know

thats it I just don't know how to deal with this quirk of his. I have never had a dog do anything like it :eek: :eek: :eek:





let me ask the question.


Is there a way to Mold this behaivor?

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You could just give it a command. (I think)


Whenver Pete trees something (and starts to Bay) say some kind of command (like "bay" or "tree it" or something). Click with a clicker (or it not, just give a treat). Let him go on a bit, and then give him a command to S-T-O-P ("quiet" is a good one :rolleyes: ). Either distract him, or hold his muzzle to make him stop. Click again (or just give treats). Then more treats. You could even go farther and add ANOTHER command to make him leave it alone and walk away. You would do it in the same way, make him do it, click (or not) and treat!


Do this EVERY time he finds an animal and trees it/bays. A clicker would be REALLY helpful. Once he is getting to know the commands, start not saying it every time - if he does it when you DON'T say - correct him/make him stop (light corrects, don't go crazy). Something like bitter apple, just holding his muzzle so he can't bark, a LIGHT collar pop, or just walking him away (ignoring him while you do so). Something like that. BUT, sometimes you will still need to give him the "go ahead" so he understands that he can do it - but only when you say. Of course....you could get rid of the behavior completly by just doing the corrections.....but I think baying is cute!


I hope that made sense! :D


Good luck with your hunting/herding dog! :D

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