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Got my copy yesterday afternoon. I haven't finished it yet, but I will today. I get three kinds of books - those I read and sell to the used bookstore, those that I start to read and toss in the sale pile or recycle, and those that I save and treasure and read over and over. American Lambs will be one of the latter.

This is a wonderful book. Heartfelt, without sentimentality, accessible but never mundane, filled with moments of intensity and reflection. All this stirred into a brew with multi-cultural flavors just tasted, and a perfect balance of tears and laughter. These stories are luminescent journeys into life.


Buy this book for yourself and anyone you know who has a soul. It is pure gold.


Good work, Ms. Yamamoto!


Finished the book (sad) - and my laundry! (Yay!) Absolutely amazing. The reindeer! The trial! Pal... Five stars! This calls for a 2nd read... now.

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I received a copy last week, but I haven't started to read it yet.... My husband picked it up, flipped it open, and was captivated. I had to wait until today, when he left for a couple weeks in Japan, to get my hands on it! I know he really enjoyed reading it. He began calling Juno a big, black, slick-coated, prick-eared dog, and I had to remind him (1) she has a lot of white; (2) only one ear reliably pricks; (3) she is only 37 pounds; and (4) she is a bitch! O well, she does have a slick coat. He really did enjoy the stories, and I'm looking forward to a good read.

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