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Almost like we know what we are doing!


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Recently, I decided it would be good to teach Lucy how to shed, since she will have to do this eventually :rolleyes: My friend took Lucy and I under her wing one day, and showed us the basic principles. But, like most things, this sort of fell into the get to some other time heading. Anyway, the other day, a bunch of us got together, and I was working Lucy on driving. Sheep were tired, and heavy, and leaning on her, so I thought this would be a good time to try and shed.


So... I got my sheep settled at my feet, my dog at the proper distance, and I proceeded to mimic what I have seen my trainer do so many times. And, it worked. I basically made the sheep stay off me, and since my dog was being calm, they weren't clumping. I then bent down and called her in, when I saw an opening. She came right in, and we walked that sheep all over hill and dale.


Just today, I said what the heck, let's see if that was a fluke. This particular group of sheep needed more settling, and once we got them sort of stopped, I again mimicked what the people who know what they are doing do, and got my sheep calm, facing either my dog, or to the outside. I called her in. She came, and segued nicely into driving them off with nary a command.


??????? We are team plug along. We just plug plug plug. How is it that we could actually do something succesfully more than once in a, well, long time?


I may have to try this again soon, just to make SURE it isn't some collossall fluke...

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