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Noticed some bleeding as if she's in heat?

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If your dog was spayed, the chances of pyometra wouldn't be a huge concern, unless you have a much older dog...I do know several dogs who were spayed back in the day who still tend to go through heat cycles??? Something about not getting it all out, or the way it was done...


My immediate thought is a UTI. Often dogs afflicted will urinate blood, or have a bit of bloody discharge. Any accidents, peeing more frequently, etc??

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The Vet thought UTI as well. She also mentioned stump pyometra. They took a swab and I should no more by Monday, also found crystals in her urine so they gave me special food (Prescription Diet S/D) to feed her for the next month. I had been feeding her Blue Buffalo chicken and rice, I wonder if that could have caused the problem? I called the Vet back to see if I can give her chicken and rice too, but havent heard back yet.

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