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  1. Well I use a dyson so there is no vacuum bag to speak of, but I'll definitely treat the back yard. Thanks for the suggestion, funny how the simplest things are never thought of.
  2. Thanks for the info. I had never heard of that. I did a quick search on amazon.com and I'm guessing this can only be purchased from the vet. I'll definitely be making a call tomorrow morning.
  3. Pretty much their entire lives i've used Advantix, as that's what the vet recommended. At the last visit to the vet I mentioned to the vet tech that I've noticed them scratching and when I checked I found a few fleas and flea droppings in their fur. Keep in mind I religiously apply this stuff, I even have a little border collie puppy calendar that gets the little sticker applied so I dont forget. So she mentioned something about how the fleas can get used to a certain type of medicine, or that it can be less affective over time and suggested that I switch to Frontline. So I did. And still they have the fleas. I've cleaned their beds, bought the power stuff and treated the carpets just in case. Tonight, after reading someone's suggestion on here, I bathed them in the Earthbath Tea Tree shampoo. I've also added a brewer's yeast/garlic supplement to their diet. Is there anything else I can do? Is there another shampoo that I should try that is good for their skin and coat and may work as a preventative? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. So the results of the tissue sample came back today. It was indeed ovarian tissue, and thankfully they refunded me the money for the xrays and tests and everything else that was done to figure out what the problem was. So that's close to 500 bucks I'm getting back. I'm just glad Rahne is doing much better, I was definitely very worried about her. The swelling is finally going down and I know she's feeling better because she keeps dropping the ball at my feet to play. Ha, and being a little less broke this time of year is nice too!
  5. That Rescue Remedy stuff looks pretty interesting. I checked it out on Amazon.com. I may have to give it a try, thanks for the info.
  6. So they didnt even give me one of those cone collar protector things, which seems odd. I really cant complain though since she always eats them in under a day anyways. I think I'm going to swing by petsmart and see if they have something I can use. Any suggestions? I'm just paranoid she'll pull out a staple or some such. Oh and on a side note today is Callie's birthday. She's 2 today. Man how time flies.
  7. She's doing ok, or as well as can be expected. You can see she is in pain, her eyes are all watery. I hate seeing her like this. I'm doing much better now that she's home. She's sleeping on the bed with me tonight and hopefully tomorrow she is feeling better.
  8. OK so the vet just called me. he said he did find ovarian tissue left behind. He cut it all out and is having it sent off to make sure it is actually ovarian tissue and not some sort of a cyst since he said it had grown pretty large. He also said he's fairly certain it was ovarian tissue based on the results of the hormone tests they gave her. So I guess it's good it's all out at this point. I'll feel better when she's up and moving around and acting like nothing happened. So I guess I'll wait on the results they get back before I push on whether or not I should've been charged for all the testing.
  9. So if that were the case can something like that cause her to show all the signs of actually being in heat?
  10. Thanks so much for all info. I'll definitely look into the things you've mentioned. Trust me when I say when I go back in today I'm taking a notebook and a pen to make sure I understand everything they tell me.
  11. I feel the same way. Their screw up, therefor they should pay to fix it. I talked to the vet when I dropped her off this morning. Basically I was told they need to do the exploratory surgery first to make sure it was something they did. That didnt leave me feeling good at all. Now I'm convinced they will find some reason why it isnt there fault. Just so i'm sure when a dog gets spay they take everything out right? Uterus, ovaries, everything. It's basically a hysterectomy right? Leaving her there was so hard. She wouldn't go with the vet tech so I had to walk her to the back door, as soon as they closed the door and she couldnt see me I could hear her start to whimper. Broke my heart. I'm so pissed off I feel the need to hit something.
  12. So I posted on this about 2 weeks ago. She got spayed months ago and then I noticed she was swollen and bleeding as if she were in heat. Her nipples got huge too (sorry if there is a better word to use other than nipples). So after 400 dollars in tests for bladder infection, urinary track, blood work, and hormones they've decided that there is probably some of her uterus still there, or possible an ovary. So tomorrow she goes in for exploratory surgery. I've been told that it'll be a different vet this time (thankfully where I go there are like 10 different vets), and that the surgery is at no cost to me. Though I'm really irked that I had to pay for all the tests to begin with, and of course at the fact that she has to be cut open again. So once we know for sure something was left intact, i'll be pushing for a refund of the tests. Sucks at this time of year to be paying for all this stuff. Hopefully this takes care of the mystery.
  13. The Vet thought UTI as well. She also mentioned stump pyometra. They took a swab and I should no more by Monday, also found crystals in her urine so they gave me special food (Prescription Diet S/D) to feed her for the next month. I had been feeding her Blue Buffalo chicken and rice, I wonder if that could have caused the problem? I called the Vet back to see if I can give her chicken and rice too, but havent heard back yet.
  14. Of course the first thing I did was call the Vet. I'm waiting to hear back from them about bringing her in today, so I figured I'd post on here real quick. No idea what it could be or what would cause this, any ideas?
  15. Both myself and a friend of mine made a donation. Hope everything is going well. any news?
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