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Water Cress Stockdog Trial

Sue R

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Jan Thompson's second Water Cress Stockdog Trial was this past weekend (Friday through Sunday) at Limestone TN, and was a wonderful trial.


The site is Jan's beautiful farm, with a view of the Appalachians (Smokies?) across the valley. The field has an outrun of about 350 yards. The sheep were very consistent hair sheep, sound and healthy, and not interested in giving away anything to the dogs that weren't right.


Thanks to Jan for a great trial; to Dan King, course director, who kept that part of the trial moving like clockwork; to Julie Poudrier, absolutely aweson at Open set-out, and Laura Carson, Novice classes set-out (along with other helpers); Cy Peterson, who kept everything else running beautifully; Vergil Holland, who judged for three days (and kept a running commentary on many runs); Sylvia King, who kept the scribing in order; Bobbie Washer, queen of the scoreboard and higher math for breaking ties; and all the wonderful, friendly folks.


And, did I mention the food? Jan provides a light breakfast, a fantastic soup or chili lunch, and a great handlers' dinner, plus anyone who wants can go to the family style restaurant on Friday evening for socializing and great food.


Last year, I didn't see any way this trial could be improved. This year, Jan and her crew topped themselves to make it even better.


Board members who ran included Robin French (whose Zac put in a fabulous run), Christine Henry, and Laura Carson (who ran her Linc in a lower-level class, and her Nick in Open with nice results). It's always fun to see board members at a trial, especially when they do such a great job running!


I will post a few photos tonight, but they won't convey the beauty sufficiently.

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I was fortunate to be able to go spectate at this trial. It was an awsome setting for a trial. I got to meet quite a number of people that I only knew by name before. It is a beautiful farm and everyone was extremely nice and welcoming! I took pictures with my not so great camera and I posted some on my blog which if anyone is interested can be viewed using the link below my name. Maybe someone can put a name to the dogs in my pictures? I didn't get to see Sue again as she was working the whole time I was there on Sunday and I wanted to meet Julie but I only got to see her from afar up on the hill. I did get to talk with Laura Carson and she was really nice and put up with my nosey Crue boy who kept trying to take off the wrap on her injured ankle. I had a great time, I wish I could have stayed longer!

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I had an absolute ball at the trial! It was really nice to see some folks like Sue who I haven't seen in a while, and then to make some new friends too. What a bunch of really neat people. It was great to meet you Joan, and great to start putting some faces to names I've only seen and heard thus far. And Crue can nudge me any time he wants. Had I not been hobbling I might would have tried to sneak him into my van. :rolleyes: Good times for sure. I don't think I've seen results posted yet though.

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