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anyone want a collar charm or leash?..extras..

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please PM me if anyone is interested, I ordered some through the rep at work but the company only sells to retialers so I had to purchase a minimum, I have no desire to make money off of these and I just want to get ride of them at the same price I paid(cost), I have 30 charms at $1.15 CDN each and the leashes are 4 foot nylon and $6.25 CDN each. they were just ordered today so I dont have them yet, I just wanted to see if anyone here was interested in taking some of these off my hands lol they all have cute sayings:


Charms:Stud Pup,Princess, ok..now you sit, dumb blond, purebred princess,and rub my tummy


in leahses there is: Babe Magnet, loves heavy petting, and Am I cute or What.

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