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Question about CPE membership?

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I'm registering my dog with CPE because someone locally is going to be hosting a CPE trial and we'd like to attend. I have the membership form that I downloaded from the webiste, but I'm a little confused. It has a box to check for "new membership," which they state is required when first registering dogs, and also a box to check for "renewal for year _____." Am I understanding this correctly? Does CPE require you to renew your dog's registration every year, or is the "renewal" for something else?

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You renew your membership with CPE every year, and by doing that, the dogs stay current. So, you pay the base membership fee now, along with the registration fee (is it $5.00?) per dog. Then, each year you just pay the base membership fee, but no extra fee for the dog or dogs, unless you add a new dog.


ETA: If I recall correctly, you don't have to be a member of CPE. If you choose not to be a member, the fee for the dogs is one time. You only pay yearly if you're a member. I forgot about that because I am a member, but I'm pretty sure that's optional.

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OK, here's how it works.


You have to register to be a member in the first place. The initial fee depends on the number of dogs that you register. That fee covers the dogs for life.


After the first year, you can choose to renew your membership, but you don't have to. Your dog's numbers are valid, though, and you can enter trials, etc.


If you add a new dog later, but don't remain a member, it's $10.00 instead of $5.00 to add the new dog, but you still don't have to renew each year and the dog's number is for life.


So, you don't have to pay yearly.


I renew my membership each year because I like supporting the organization. I'm not sure what I get out of it other than a new rulebook (maybe access to online records is for active members only, but I'm not positive).


As far as entries, the fee tends to range from $11.00 per run to $15.00 per run, depending on the club. It's the same whether you are a member or non-member.

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OK, well that makes more sense. I thought it would be weird to have to renew your dog's membership each year. CPE is so rare down here - there's only one place that regularly hold trials and that is 3 hours from me. A local agility person who has an agility field in her back yard where she holds classes, fun runs, etc., applied to CPE to have a trial. Since it is local and accessible to me and I've heard CPE is fun, I decided to try and go. But, unless she continues to host trials in the future, I don't think I'll be going to many CPE trials unless some of the other clubs around here branch out a little, which would be nice.

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