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:confused: My bc just turned two and is a pet no herding intended. I walk her nearly every day have no kids and when we encounter a child they want to pet her until we get close when she barks furiously and lunges at the end of the leash. This has started happening for adults as well. I jerk the leash yell no and down her but the people do not approach her. When someone comes to my home known or not she loves them to death. My husband wonders if she is so excited to see people she cannot wait. When we see the guy next door (almost daily) she barks and jumps up on him loving him no agression but she sees him daily and he is a dog person.

I have just started with dog wisperer shhhh and cannot tell yet if it is working. I hate to never let here get close to people but she has growled from a down so do not want to risk having to get rid of her.


She is very obedeient and I think one of the sweetest dogs I have ever had. I expect her to be one of my alltime favorites.

I now know I should have researched more before I got her but too late now.

Her mom is a pet her dad a search and rescue dog certified. Many of the others in the litter were purchased for small farms.

I have never had a dog that was in any way agressive this is new to me but I have had schnauzers Lhasa, min pin, golden, lab, and a bunch of mixes. I have shown in obed and in confirmation other dogs. I had the BC spayed before she was a year as I do not know wnough about breeding these wonderful dogs.



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It's hard to deal with aggression issues over the internet, as it can be dangerous and risky.


I would suggest consulting a behavioralist and enrolling her in some obediance classes.


In all honestly, BC's tend not to make good 'pets'. She sounds high strung and would probably really benefit from having a job like herding, agility, rally-o etc.


Personally, I don't like Cesaer's ways, but whatever floats your boat.


There's a great book called Culture Clash, that I think would help you shed some light on behaviour and training.


I'm sure someone else can help more then I did.


Best of luck with your furkid!

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Have you done a search for "aggression" on this board? There have been lots of discussions where you could find information. Hope this helps - I can't give you advice myself since I've never had to deal with this.

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I also support checking into a good obedience class with an experienced trainer. A lot of dog training clubs/schools also have recommendations for behaviorists. An experienced handler should be able to help you with this problem.


When we first got our BC she was rather reactive to strangers and she sometimes barked if people approached her (particularly men). It was a fear reaction, more than an aggression. We have done a lot of socialization with both dogs and other people and she doesn't bark now when approached. She has also had several good levels of obedience training.


Even if you have a lot of experience with dogs, it's a good idea to consult with someone that has worked with aggressive dogs, both for your sake and the dog's.


Good luck!

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