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Puppy Mill Scotch Terrier update

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I wrote a few months ago about my hair stylist who was adopting a Scotch Terrier from what was obviously a puppy mill. He was the runt, had physical problems (possibly liver), and the breeder was "nice enough to lower the price", etc. Well, last time I was in, he was there. Cute as a button and very friendly. He'd grown some, but during our conversation she mentioned he wasn't hungry and when he did eat, he promptly threw it up. I suggested it might have something to do with his original health issues. Hmm..that never occurred to her. :rolleyes: She "guessed" she'd have to take him to the vet. Then the subject of neutering came up. She doesn't want to neuter him yet because now SHE WANTS TO BREED HIM! The reason? So many of her friends want a puppy just like hers. :D Some people just don't get it. :D

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I hope you can influence her to at least have him checked out. He could have a congenital problem and if that's the case, then perhaps even the vet will be able to convince her to neuter (assuming he's healthy enough to be put under anesthesia). These sorts of people really make you cringe....



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My mouth is literally gaping open right now. People should have to pass a test before they can own a dog.


You should point out that when it comes to genetics, there is no way her friends can have a dog just like hers unless they clone him.


Even then it's a crap-shoot... sure you'll get the same genetics but behavior is a whole 'nother thing.

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