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7 yr old border collie on Craigs List Denver

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There is nothing wrong with Craigslist as a way to rehome an animal. I have never done it, but when I was looking for a second dog, I placed a "wanted" ad and got a bunch of responses from people who just, for whatever reason, could not care for their dogs anymore and were looking for a new home for them.


I also responded to many ads I saw and almost everyone had a very careful list of questions, including asking for phone numbers of my vet, wanting proof I would sign up for an obedience class, wanting the phone number for the instructor for that class, phone number for my landlord, etc.


As long as you interview people carefully, do some kind of home visit, etc. things can turn out great for all involved.


Lots of us think an animal is a lifetime committment, but not everyone feels that way.


Allie + Tess & Kipp


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