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  1. I called the sheriffs office, and the owners have been looking for this dog for 3 weeks now. So we found the rightful owners, she brought a picture and ID her perfectly over the phone. She apparently disappeared from their driveway (fairly rural area here). They thought for sure that someone had taken her as this was really unusual for the dog to leave the property. Were my daughter found the her was only 1/2 mile from the dogs home. She is a mix of border collie / ACD / Aussie.
  2. Our crates are in the garage. We run a fan in the summer and a heater in the winter. They only stay in there at night and during the day they are in the outside kennel if we are not home or out with us if we are.
  3. I own ACD's used to be the only breed I wanted until I got a border collie. My sister raises ACD's. Trust me this dog is a mix more border collie than ACD. This is Lila and my youngest daughter
  4. Look at her feet, marked just like a ACD with the black marks on her toes. Nose is pointy like a Border collie, but top of her head is shaped just like a ACD. I just got done playing and walking her so she could potty, she is a very smart dog, she LOVES my teenage daughters, especially my younger one. I really like the dog........ But we can not keep her. I did not call the sheriffs office because well I just can not. I just can not believe that this dog was a dump.
  5. My daughter just came upon a woman kicking her dog out of the car chase her down the road and drive off. The only thing my daughter was able to get was the make/color of her car. She (DD) picked her up and brought her home. She appears to be border collie / ACD, she has the blocky head of a ACD plus the color on her face and legs. The rest of her is ALL border collie. She is matted and apears to be a younger dog, maybe 1 to 2 years. Very friendly and very cute. I am hesitant (though I may be forced to) hand her over to the sheriffs office as the dogs that go there do get euthinized after 10 days. We tryed to call Colorado Border Collie Rescue and all the phone did was ring. We have her in a kennel in the garage right now. My daughter is taking a picture of her as I type this. What should I do with her? I have a real soft spot for both Border collies and ACD's, but already have 4 dogs and my husband would divorce me. HELP!!!
  6. Cherokee, who is now 6 years old was very vocal as a pup, she would say "wow wow wow" when I would come home from work at lunch to let her out to potty and would come back in the house after she was done to make my lunch and would not pay attention to her. Now when she rides in the truck (front seat passenger side) she will sit there like a human and if I do not talk to her she will "wow wow" and if I continue to ignore her she will actually slam her front paws down on the middle console until I talk to her. It is pretty funny. I do think that the talking is a big trait of the border collie. I know of several other people that have talking border collies. I would not be worried about her talking, it is part of her personality. Have fun with it.
  7. I clip Spot under his tail, not the tail itself, but from around his pooper, and feather it out to the side. He has a tendancy to get poop stuck to his butt feathers and then he stinks. Do not make the mistake that I made last summer, I have a little dog that I clip so I thought hmmm what the hell I will clip Spot too........... I clipped some off of his neck and just made a complete mess of him. It has taken all summer through the winter to grow it back so it looks normal. So just a brush for us. I also use a charcol brick on him and the other dogs and it takes all the loose hair off really nicely, then use a fluffer comb (show cattle comb) to brush the long hairs, then spray revive or Pink (you get Pink at walmart at the end of the shampoo/hairspray isle) and it helps release any tangles make them smell good and makes them shiney. Good luck.
  8. Once a week for Clyde, we feed him a taste of canned food with a teaspoon of veggie oil on it, we also feed a high quality cat food with hairball control in it. We still get hairball puke every once in awhile but not as much as we had been getting.
  9. My vet will spay a pup at 3 mo. old. Humane society will spay at 2 mo.
  10. I think that both the working dogs and show stock COULD go hand in hand if you were to buy that dog to trial so you could win. Because the main reason for spending all that money is to win. But that dosent change the fact that I could spend 50K on a steer or 23K on a dog to win, but if I dont feed that steer correctly, trim his feet and know how to clip and fit then what good does it do? I definatly do not know how to work a dog (though I sure wish I did, it is actually one of my lifes goals!!)So I could ruin that 23K dog just as quick as I spent the money to buy him. I however must say I am jelouse because I want 23K to spend on whatever it is that I felt like spending it on!!! LOL
  11. You know this subject could go on and on and on until the end of time. I respect all of your opinons but for me I personally do not see the big deal on someone spending that kind of money. Not something that I would do if I had $23,000 just laying around, but hey whatever!! The reason I do not find it to be a big deal is because we show cattle, mostly market steers. For those that do not know a steer was born a bull and has been castrated. I know personally of people that go and spend $50,000 to $100,000 for a steer that in the end has no use other then to go on someones bar b que grill. I know of people that spend in excess of $100K on heifers/cows to add to their breeding program. Most of these animals are bought for jr. showers and for what??? A ribbon the glory of winning. Some shows pay a good deal for winning, but in the end especially for steers you have wasted your money. So $23K for a dog that works and can take place of an employee or 2 seems worth it to me. But of course just my opinion.
  12. Cherokee acts like a prissy little jerk and will jump on the other female (both spayed) and just go to beating the hell out of her every once in awhile. The last time this happened was Sunday, bloodied the poor cattle dogs face and punctured her leg for no reason other then to act like a bitch. I agree with Mr. Snappy that sometimes they act like jerks and need to be reprimanded for it and it needs to be done quickly and fairly. For Cherokee it was a grab of the scruff (and probably some yelling by my daughter) and then she went and kenneled her. Poor Lila came into the house was cleaned up and played up her injuries for the rest of the day. That night they all got let back out and Cherokee was back to acting like she was submissive to Lila, licking her in the mouth, rolling around on the ground and then proceeded to give Lila a bath. Kinda like having my daughters fight with each other one minute they hate each other the next they are helping each other.
  13. Same here, my husband is always complaining cant I just have one piece of clothing without the cat, dog and your hair on it? I just smile and shrug my shoulders at him. The worst is when my MIL came over for dinner (she hates basically everything but her sweet baby boy (my DH) and she found a dog hair in the dressing she sure made a fuss about it. Anyone else I know would take it out and move on.... I still find hair everywhere--it even gets blown into the fridge. yum
  14. I got a bagless vacuume and it has lasted way longer then the bag ones especially when vacuuming all the hair!!! You can get one at wally world for the same as you would pay for a dirt devil.
  15. Just to let you know, it is illegel in the Metro area (Denver, Aurora, Northglenn, Broomfield etc) to "Huff" which means leave your vehicle running without being right there with it. Even if it is in your own driveway, which I find stupid. It is sad that people have to prey on others and take what others have worked hard for, and that it is so bad that they have to basically make a law saying you can not warm your vehicle up. On another note, it is WONDERFUL that they found the truck and dogs!!!!!
  16. I saw it too, but really wish the news would not have described the dogs as "award winning". What is the year of the truck? Is it a single cab or a 4 door? A single axel or a dually? What color (I am assuming aluminum) is the dog carrier? Is it one that sits up on the rails or down in the bed?
  17. I want a standard poodle very bad, but that comes with a price of anywhere between $2000.00 for a "show quality pup" (which I dont want) to $500 to $600.00 for a rescue. I just cringe at all the designer dogs that people come up with, however, I see where it comes from. My daughter showed Angus (daucshound, JRT and Shelti crossed mutt) in 4-H, we got him for free as the owner of the bitch was on her way to have 2 pups that she could not get rid of put to sleep. Ashli and Angus kicked AAA in obedience and got to go to State Fair where they took Grand Champion State Obedience over 200 dogs/owners. The judge (after awards) pulled her aside and wanted to know if she would be interested in breeding that way again, she would sure buy one.... She was serious (and a AKC judge). Ash explained to her that Angus was the last of his kind because he was neutered, as were all his brothers.
  18. The very first thing I thought of when I looked at the pictures was Akita also.
  19. I took 3 to get fixed all on the same day. 2 neuters and one spay. Cherokee looked so sad and just wanted to lay in the back seat, the boys on the other hand needed to be coddled and held. It was all I could do to keep them from sitting in my lap while I was driving. They were all pretty out of it, until the next morning.
  20. She is not listed on their site anymore. Wonder what that means?
  21. Show heifers and steer trapped in their shelter from this morning. Front of the show barn My husband moving LOTS of snow This gate is about 8' tall, the wall behind it probably 11' tall.
  22. Oh ya, when we do go somewhere off leash like a walk down in the creek, I have taught the dogs to only go a little ways away from me, when they would get to far I would call them back and then incorportated the words "Hey thats far enough" so now they (other then Lila) will go that distance away from me and they stop and wait on their own or come back and poke me with their cold nose kinda like they are saying hurry up mom. Lila stays on leash or a long peice of twine, because if I say that to her she clamps her nub of a tail down and runs farther away from me and gets that look (my mom calls it a "go to H***" look).
  23. I believe in no nonesence way of raising/treating/training my dogs. If recall as discussed is not 100% do not let him off leash, instead find a long long light rope and let him drag it so you can grab it and redirect his attention if he dosent come when called. I agree on no chasing of rabbits just in case you are in town or near a busy road and he sees a rabbit. However, I will admit I allow mine to chase rabbits at our house, the only dog I have a problem with would be Lila the ACD. The border collies not only stop whatever they are doing when I call but will go right into obedience mode. I bet you are doing fine!! I followed your posts for awhile and am really happy you were allowed to adopt Buddy!!
  24. Look on Craigslist if you have one for your area. We had 2 litters of kittens over the last year from the various cats that take up residency in our barn and found homes for them on craigslist. I asked $30.00 for them to keep the idiots away, and would talk with them a little via email then phone asked for vet info and checked with the vet they gave me then they would come to look at the kitty and if I had given them their first shots would charge for the shot $6.00 from the feed store and nothing else. If they had not had their first shot then I would give the kitten to them. It took me about 3 weeks to find them homes but to me it was worth it. I have since been catching the cats some in the live trap or if friendly enough by hand (I have 3 that wait in the trees by my front door for the kids to come home) and have been having them fixed!! I always feel guilty about the litters of kittens that I find, and even more guilty with the barn cats that I owned or owned us. So that was my new years res. for end of 2006 and 2007 to fix all the cats that I can catch.
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