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Breeding without a tie?

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From what I've read and spoken with a few dog breeders around here, it sounds like getting a bitch pregnant without a tie is a possibility. My question is this, I ahve a friend who is breeding his dog right now, an 8yo female with a young totally inexperienced male. From what he says, there has not been any tie, but the male has mounted her several times a day. This has been a totally supervisied mating, and dogs have been kept seperate at night. He has also gotten to putting them into a small 5 foot pen at times. Every time he tried to intervene they would split up, so he's gotten to where he just stands back and waits. He's not concerned with this situation. In forsight of what I may be planning on in the near future, does anyone know roughly what the precentage is of a bitch "taking" in a situation like this? Also, is there anything other than AI that one could try to get a tie?

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I spoke to my vet about this once, and basically he said that it is possible for a bitch to get pregnant without a tie, but the odds are of course much lower. He said that male dogs, especially young males, can have a sort of premature ejaculation that would allow breeding to occur even without a tie. I wouldn't count on this as a means of getting a bitch pregnant if I really wanted puppies from the breeding. I think AI is pretty much the only other option.



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We will let you know in a couple more weeks. Wayne is hoping that Tough was able to stick Dottie without getting tied (ACD's), it was his first time breeding and never was able to get tied up even after many retries over the course of a few days. I don't want to get my hopes up, but she does look like she is getting a bit fuller.



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