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  1. I used this product on my bred bitch last summer. She would work herself into such a fret, that I was afraid she would stroke out or loose the pups, constantly under foot, quaking, panting; just a nervous wreck. Most meds, didn't help, and what did, I really didn't want to use on here at that point. I ordered one thinking what would it hurt. It calmed her enough that she could get herself to her crate and lie there, not happy, but not as stressed as she normally would be. I'd definatly say that it did help.
  2. My niece was wanting to get some call ducks and keep them here at my farm. I was wondering if anyone had worked them before. With their small stature, would they hold up to 5 - 10 minutes of working? May try to convince her of another breed, that way I get something out of the deal.
  3. Here's the reason Waffeling between Moxie and Bess 5 weeks Once I decide then I can proceed with the rest
  4. I know that somewhere in all these posts there was a goo posting on this and thought it was to be pinned, but can't seem to find it any where. Any ideas from people, or know where to find it?
  5. I just had a litter of pups a week ago. 2 have black heads and white bodies with a black spot just above the tail. Looks like what many call a colored headed white. Looking back at the parents, they are traditionally marked, but may have a bit more white up their hind legs than most. What I was wondering with questions from potential dog owners is this.... Many know that a predominatly white headed dog can have a predominance of having deafness. Does this apply to colored headed dogs as well? Three others out of this litter have the minimal amount of white. Tips of paws, tail tip and
  6. From what I've read and spoken with a few dog breeders around here, it sounds like getting a bitch pregnant without a tie is a possibility. My question is this, I ahve a friend who is breeding his dog right now, an 8yo female with a young totally inexperienced male. From what he says, there has not been any tie, but the male has mounted her several times a day. This has been a totally supervisied mating, and dogs have been kept seperate at night. He has also gotten to putting them into a small 5 foot pen at times. Every time he tried to intervene they would split up, so he's gotten to whe
  7. First off Eileen, no I'm not sorry I asked the question. Something about genetics brings me to awe as to how complex an organism of any kind is. Thanks for all the input from all. I think that I get it now, that the red gene has nothing to do with the alele for the tri patterning. I need to go back several more generations to see if I can back track more on the male and see if there is any tri patterning, not that this is going to change anything. Thanks to all
  8. Yes there are Red tri's, but if the male is not a red tri, but a true red....? I guess what I'm wondering is are the tan markings on a try conclusive with a dog carrying a red gene.
  9. I was wondering... I know that a black and white dog can carry a recessive red gene, but if a dog is a black and white TRI, does this mean that they HAVE TO carry a recessive red gene? Just a mind query as to what the likely hood of breeding a black and white tri to a Red dog would be. The Tri comes from a B/W tri bitch and a B/W male, the red from a red bitch and a B/W male. Also, is it true that you need tri allels from both parent to have a tri?
  10. I have 2 that I shear when I do the sheep. Depending on how they react, and if they've been sheared before... I've alays done mine standing, and if I'm alone will take a short panel and kind of squeeze them up against a wall. Are they wanting the fiber especially, or just to get it off. If they are anal, it can be a PIA.
  11. I guess that's what I was looking for. I've been looking at a male from in Wyoming that came off from a working ranch. Nice temperment, intense, and good working ability. I personally like an adverage sized dog around 40-45#. This male is pushing a bit over 65# and is big and lean. I was just wondering about the possibility of a rough guesstimate for the pups if I did decide. Parents on the dam were adverage bitch and larger dog, male is the same. Thanks
  12. What do people think about size and genetics? If you have a mid sized female (say 40#) and breed to a larger male (65#) roughly where would you expect the pups to settle at when full grown? Is it a male/female thing, where the females tend to run the size of mom and visa versa? Is there no corolation what so ever and it's just a crap shoot?
  13. I have a second for Eagle Pack either the Natural or the Holistic Chicken. Which ever route you chose.
  14. Thanks for taking the time to help those of us on this forum! Along this same line.. Once a dog has built up the confidence (or has had it all along) how would one go about working on confidence on the drive? I'd say I have a similar problem with a 4yo dog who is not lacking in confidence anywhere EXCEPT driving. She'll pull out of corners, go under stock to get there, work in small areas, and pull cattle out of a trailer, ect. Driving however evokes alot of tension, or what I see as anxity. She'll start to graze for grass/manure as she's walking and loosing contact with stock, until
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