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Celt seems sound

Sue R

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Celt finished his three weeks of crate rest (which had been preceded by a couple of weeks of mostly crate rest) and has not shown signs of lameness, stiffness, or discomfort in his hind leg. He's gotten soft and I've been easing him back into condition with increasing walks, pasture walks (which involve running with Dan), and a little ball-play (one of our normal exercises).


After being out of the crate for a week, I used the dogs just to hold cattle from moving through a gateway. No real activity, just a presence of myself and dogs to hold the cattle back for Ed. A few days later, we did need to move cattle and so I took Celt, as the work would be simple - moving cattle from one pasture through a couple of others, across a driveway (with fence on both sides), and into a new field. It would be easy because they were ready to move, wanted to move, and Ed would lead, and they would be cooperative about going to new feed.


All went well, with Celt just doing slow and easy flanks and tucking in calves that lingered. Meanwhile, the mothers had their minds on getting to new pasture and so there was no aggression or stubbornness. An easy job for Celt that would let him feel he had done some real work, with little risk involved. But, when the cattle spread out into the new pasture, a bunch of calves, followed by eager mothers, sped down the slope and into the next field. To quote Ed, "Looks like I left the gateway open." Oops.


This next field led on into one further down that stretches quite a ways and on into another area. This was not yet ready to graze and, should the cattle go that way, it would be impossible for two people on foot to convince them to return to the smaller new pasture. Not to mention that several of these fields are steep and rough, and hard on an older person like me. I hadn't meant to work Celt but I didn't see a very viable alternative and so I sent him. He brought back a group of cows and calves and got them through the gateway.


I sent him for the next batch that had gone into a smaller field at the top of the hill but, while he got them and came to balance, the way the fields are set up, he could not bring them to me without doubling them back in an S-shaped maneuver. I couldn't see enough to direct him even if we could manage that, so I had to go up the hill and help. Once I gave an assist, he was able to bring them to the gateway (which I'd had to leave closed so others wouldn't come through) where I opened the gateway and he could put them through.


Then I saw that we'd missed another three cows but he easily went and got them and brought them down and through. One last trip up the hill and into the little field, where we found three calves enjoying the new feed and forgetting all about their mothers, who had left. Celt is less comfortable around calves but got them gathered and took them down to the gateway, where Ed now was, and so he let them back into the "right" field.


Celt was one tired dog, very happy, and did not show any ill effects from all his hard work up and down that rough hill. I could not have done it myself. Cows and calves in new pasture are just not eager to move back towards whence they came. I have neither the speed, agility, or stamina to have done the job. Celt was tired as he is not in good shape yet and the weather was warm, but again he gave me his all and did a very useful and helpful job.


Many thanks to all who have wished us well as Celt has been resting and recovering from his sprain. I just wanted to share my happiness in seeing him do well again and in having him as a working partner. He works in spite of my faults, and I love him for it.

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Thanks, friends! He is doing well. His stamina is not great and, with it being warm here, it will take a while to build that back up to where it was.


He is certainly a much happier dog - he did not understand why he was always "locked up" and the other dogs were loose or going on walks or playing ball or wrestling. He would come out of the crate for his potty trips like a rocket if I didn't catch him at the crate door with a lead. He did really well but I think he was always wondering "why?"


Lana - I'm so glad that Deacon recovered, and hope your other dog that was injured is on the mend.

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