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A bit stressed out

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Today I went for a search. I prepared my backpack, I put on my uniform and I prepared Chemukh with her search vest... then I received a phone call: I couldn't take her at the searh with me because we have not enough space in the truck for another dog. So I take out the vest, feed her and left the house. (As i didn't know how much the search could last a friend of mine have copies of my keys and can came to take care of her in my house).


The stress of seeing me go to work WITHOUT her was just too much, she managed to chew up her heavy metallic dish, the only one that had survived her until yesterday and now is a poor piece of chunk deformed and full of holes. At least she didn't hurt herself.


I'm going to buy a coocker pot tomorrow, hoping she is not going to make a habit of it, or I'm out of ideas to give her water.

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So sorry to hear about Chemukh's stress.


I went to the website and saw a Border Collie in several of the photos - is that your dog? The terrain looked very rugged and the work looks challenging.


Best wishes at coping with her anxiety at being left if you have to work without her.

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Yes, that is Chemukh, my dog.


This week we are going to receive a donation, an specielly designed wagon to transpor the dog and all the equipment. I hope I won't have to leave Chemukh again... it's very sad to go without her for me too.

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