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It's been a while since I've posted a new topic on here. I've been lurking for the most part lately. But I have a question I am hoping some of you may know the answer to.


You may know of my pup Masi. She's the blue merle in my signature. She is our rescue pup from a BC rescue in Virginia. Her story is that she was from a farm in WV, and long story short, never socialized and mistreated by the husband of the couple that owned her. She lived that way for about a year. So she trusted men and children about as much as I trust a mass murderer, and was generally apprehensive towards anyone/anything new.


She's come a LONG LONG LONG way since we got her. But she still has issues with DF (Dear Fiance). When I'm around, it's like I'm her safety blanket...and that she can't trust him. She'll shy away from him, and be skiddish. She'll still respond to him but it takes a lot of coaxing. But to me she doesn't do any of that. When I'm not around, she's a completely different dog...she acts towards him, how she would act towards me...she's not shy, she's playful and happy...so I think in these instances, he's her security blanket.


We've had her for about 2 years now (she's 3), and she's always getting better but does take a step back every once in a while. Things we've done to try and fix this issue are that I'm the one that disciplines her most often, he's usually the one that feeds her, I'm the one that gives her baths (she hates baths). He does training with her and what not to. I try and focus the bad things on me b/c I know our relationship is stronger. I know part of it is his attitude...he's irritated that she's not over this (I understand she may never be) and sometimes looses patience and we all know dogs pick up on that.


I'm planning on building an agility course in our back yard, to help boost her confidence (we'll compete after we take some classes)...maybe that will help? Any other ideas? Thanks!

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Ah yes, I prefer mom, she's not here so you will have to do, syndrome.


This morning Wayne got up early, he went to let the dogs out, called Vicki who sleeps next to the bed, she got up...then turned and returned to my side "Waiting for Deb". Jake does the same thing, I think that as Wayne handles Jake more it will get better, but ultimately I suspect he will gravitate to the person that is most consistent and gives him the clearest leadership. You can see when Wayne is working with him that he feels a little "left out to dry" not totally understanding what Wayne wants and Wayne is not easy to read. Watch real close, you may notice that the DF is not giving her enough confidence and understanding, she is trying for him but kinda hesitently, if you can show him how to release a little pressure give her a "Atta Girl" she should start to free up. When he calls her to him, have him step backwards when she starts to come, little things that will help her understand that she is right and doing great.


I hope this makes sense.



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