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I am in need of some great BC reference photos!

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Hi everyone! As some of you know I am a dog artist and I do mostly BC art. I am looking for some great BC photos for my next series of paintings. I am looking for some really good action shots, dogs working sheep, leaping for frisbees, what have you! If I use your photo for my painting I offer you an archival quality, 8 x 10 giclee print of the original painting. So, if you are interested I need sharp ,clear, high resolution jpegs of great action shots! So get out those camaras!! My e-mail address is heartdogstudio@verizon.net


I am working at developing a line of BC's in action to make a calander to benefit Glen Highland BC Rescue.



Thanks, guys!!





HeartDog Studio

Art of the Dog ~For the Love of the Dog

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I have added a series of pictures of Kessie jumping for snowballs to the album in my signature (it's easier than posting them all here).

No idea if any of these are paintable, but if you need a larger version of any of them (or any of the others of course) I'll be happy to send it to you!

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