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First Visit to Sheepdog Trials

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I've just been looking at sheepdog trials and there seems to be loads in my immediate area over the next few months, 2 of which are on next Saturday and Sunday.


This is the link:-




Will be phoning the contact this evening, however i 'assume' that i will be wellcome to just go and watch without my dog taking part?


As discussed previously, i would love to let Sam have a taster (excuse the expression :rolleyes: ) on sheep, but unfortunately do not own any land or sheep.


And you never know, i may meet a local farmer who has sheep who is willing to let Sam prove what he is capable of.....


As some of you may recall from another thread i started, i went back to see the farmer in North Wales that i originally purchased Sam from last weekend, and he asked why i didn't bring Sam along, it would have been the ideal opportunity to let Sam with the sheep, however i explained that we were going to the races the next day at Chepstow and wasn't allowed to take a dog inside unless it was a Guide Dog......

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